"Office Master, you can't avoid it. It can be found in the smallest Studios, the largest Corporations. It is a way of life. Embrace it, or be left behind."

-Grandmaster Dugu

Office Master: Backstab is a fast paced wack-a-mole action game - with a twist. You follow your chosen Office sterotype and their story, backstabbing colleagues to climb up the corporate ladder. Along the way, you will fight 13 different types of enemies in 18 amazing and exotic backdrops, overcoming 6 special bosses, each with their own unique game-plays. Try all 4 difficulty modes, collect the 26 available achievements, challenge your highscore with your friends, or the rest of the world. Office Master never seemed more fun!

"If you don’t strike quick and heartless, you will be the one with a stab in the back."

This is Office Master: Backstab!

Corona SDK App Of The Week
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